A little positivity can go a long way!

Cold New Jersey winters can be enough to make anyone feel sad.  I know I get a case of the blues anytime there are clouds outside my window.  But, one Wawa employee isn't letting the frigid weather get to her.

We've had a relatively mild winter, but Jack Frost reared his ugly head earlier this week with a nor'easter.  A state of emergency was declared for most of NJ. Parts of the state were only hit with rain and wind, but North Jersey saw some snow.

During the frigid winter, my heart always goes out to all the workers with outdoor jobs, especially gas station attendees.  While we can warm up at home, they're left to brave the cold for hours.  It can't be fun.  And, to make matters worse, other states allow people to pump their own gas.  So we're one of the only states that require these people to be outside, no matter what the weather.

MaryAnn from Ringwood, who works at a Wawa in Butler is making the most out of a chilly situation.  News 12 shared a cheerful video of her dancing in the nor'easter, that's sure to put a smile on your face.  Not only is she enjoying herself, but I'm sure those dance moves are keeping her warm.

The video of MaryAnn is a nice reminder that if we try hard enough, we can make the best out of almost any situation.

Keep dancing, MaryAnn - you go, girl!

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