Children won't be seen or heard at a New Jersey restaurant as the business has taken the bold move of banning children under 10 in its restaurant.

Nettie's House of Spaghetti in Tinton Falls says beginning March 7, children will no longer be welcome in their restaurant.

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The bold move has been announced on Nettie's website and on their Facebook page.

On Facebook, Nettie's says that love kids, but "lately, it’s been extremely challenging to accommodate children at Nettie’s. Between noise levels, lack of space for high chairs, cleaning up crazy messes, and the liability of kids running around the restaurant, we have decided that it’s time to take control of the situation."

Nettie's says the decision wasn't easy, but some "recent events" have persuaded them to go with the new policy. "We know that this is going to make some of you very upset, especially those of you with very well-behaved kids, but we believe this is the right decision for our business moving forward."

Well, let the firestorm begin! As you can imagine, people have been commenting on their Facebook post - and on other posts on their Facebook page.

Some are saluting their decision, while others - ah, not so much.

"Fantastic idea… having worked in the industry since I was 14, I’ve never seen anything like I have in the recent past. Kids are out of control and most parents are oblivious.The disregard for manners and common decency is unreal. I worked in [restaurants} and was disgusted by the behavior. Good for you for taking a stand."

Nettie's responded to the above comment with "...thank you for the support! It’s become a liability to us - kids running around the restaurant in circles when we’re trying to carry trays of food and drinks has made doing our jobs extremely difficult."

"It’s business. Shouldn’t be personal. Good luck."

"That is really sad to hear .. I was looking forward to trying out your place but with a well behaved 9 year old I’m not welcome .. sad ..."


"I have to say, as a former server at a fancy Italian restaurant, THANK YOU FOR THE NO ONE UNDER 10 POLICY!!! So many of my guests experiences were hampered by children screaming, and our ceilings carried sound really loudly so when a kid yelled it would ECHO through the building. This makes a huge difference for patrons & I’m legitimately thinking about taking a trip to New Jersey just to support your business!!!"

"Imagine telling your 9 year old he can longer eat at his favorite restaurant because of his age ? Maybe this should have been your policy from the start . Changing the rules in the middle of the game is cheating both sides."

"Now not only do you have to wait to be 21 to drink you gotta wait and turn 10 to eat spaghetti!"

A lot more opinions are available at Nettie's Facebook page. HINT: Look at comments on recent post having nothing to do with the ban.

What do you think? Good idea or bad? Let us know!

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