Super Bowl 55 is set for this Sunday, February 7th. Super Sunday is also one of the biggest days of the year for parties and gatherings with family and friends.

Of course, this year will be different thanks to the ongoing and lingering concerns of COVID-19 and the pamdemic.

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The CDC has released their safety guidelines concerning Super Sunday and the safest way to celebrate the Big Game is to skip the parties and stay at home with people who live with you.

According to, the CDC is recommending having a virtual watch party, or if you have any type of celebration it should be outdoors. Be sure to wear a mask at all times and instead of cheering or chanting, which could cause droplets to spread, you should clap or stomp your feet. I'll have no problem not cheering because I'm not a fan of either the Chiefs or the Bucs and could care less who wins this year.

If you are lucky or brave enough to head to Tampa this Sunday to see Super Bowl 55 live the CDC is advising you to:

  • Follow social distancing at all time.
  • Arrive early to avoid crowded areas.
  • Call the venue to make sure they have procedures in place to keep you safe.
  • Avoid using the restrooms at half-time and at the end of the game when traffic is high.
  • Limit alcohol
  • Use touchless payment methods whenever you can
  • Minimize the time you spend in a bar or restaurant.

To play it safe, I'll probably watch the game with just my wife who doesn't even know or care who's playing. It's not worth the risk of attending a big bash for the big game this year.


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