This is an unusual article, because I'm writing about something NOT located in the great state of New Jersey. Instead, let's travel 900 miles south, to the Walt Disney World resort in Florida.

For those familiar with Disney World, you know there are patriotic references to the 50 states in several spots, including the Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom and the American Adventure attraction in EPCOT.

But the clearest reference to New Jersey specifically is located at Disney's Beach Club Resort. The main restaurant there is called Cape May Cafe.

You would think that Cape May Cafe is overtly named after the southernmost point of the New Jersey coast. A classic beach town, known for its old-fashioned charm, family fun, and delicious food. Right?

But hang on. The Disney World website encourages guests to "Stop by this New England-inspired venue for buffet meals––including a bountiful breakfast or sensational surf and turf dinner."

Ummm, New England? Cape May, New Jersey is most definitely not in New England.

As a diehard Disney World fan and proud New Jerseyan, I had to track down the truth on a recent visit to the resort for breakfast. Is the food at Cape May Cafe delicious, and deserving of its name? Is it a worthwhile value for those planning a trip to The World? And is Cape May Cafe a real taste of "Jersey" - or just a poetic, alliterative imposter?

Is Disney's 'Cafe May Cafe' a real taste of New Jersey?

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