The Cape May Brewing Co. strikes again. Or, should I say, spikes again?

Our friends at the South Jersey brewery have taken the all-time kids' favorite mocktail and turned it into a 5.0% ABV wheat ale with hints of pomegranate juice and cherry.

The limited release Dirty Shirley Shandy will be released on Friday, Sept. 17 at 11 am only at the brewery's tasting room in Rio Grande at 1250 Hornet Road.

The idea to turn Shirley dirty was one of the summer's most popular cocktails, according to the New York Times. Bartenders couldn't make enough of them, apparently, mixing vodka with grenadine and maraschino cherries.

Cape May Brewing Co. was paying attention and borrowed the idea to make a beer that is "a charming combination that will bring you back to simpler times spent enjoying everything that makes life sweet", according to their Instagram page.

You may remember in 2018 when Cape May Brewing Co. came up with their own IPA version of the Orange Crush cocktail, Crushin' It IPA, which was such a hit, that it won an internal homebrewing competition and is now sold in 6-packs.

For now, Cape May Brewing Co. says Dirty Shirley Shandy will remain a tasting room exclusive with only one batch brewed.

If you are interested, the limited-time sale price of 4-packs at the brewery is $14.99+ tax. The beer will also be on tap for pours in the Tasting Room, while supplies last. Extra cherries for me, please?

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