South Jersey is just a little bit safer tonight, thanks to the Vineland Police Department.

Vineland police say a man they arrested on Wednesday is behind at least 2 bank robberies and a car chase.


Accused Bank Robber Johnnie O. Miller, Jr.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, police believe 50-year-old Johnny O. Miller Jr. robbed two Newfield Bank Branches on Tuesday. One on Landis Avenue around 10:00 am and then another on Main Road about 5 hours later.


As if the alleged bank robberies weren't bad enough, police say Miller wasn't arrested until after he led officers on a tri-county car chase.


Officials tell the Press of A.C. officers chased Miller through Cumberland, Gloucester and Atlantic counties before he crashed into an abandoned house on North Main and Weymouth roads in Vineland.


But get this, not even the crash slowed Miller down. Officers chased him after he jumped out of the crashed car and took off on foot.


After officers finally caught Miller, they took him to the hospital to get checked out. Miller suffered some scrapes and bruises, but that's about it.

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