The boxing match against the viral sensation, Bagel Boss Guy in Atlantic City this weekend is back on!

A huge wrench was thrown into these plans after former Philadelphia Phillie, Lenny Dykstra had to drop out because of a lawsuit that would force him to go to trial. Definitely a more serious concern so Lenny, don't worry we get it.

BUT.... Saved By The Bell star Dustin Diamond has stepped in as the replacement opponent and now, we have a boxing match ladies and gentlemen.

So to give you an idea, Diamond is 6 ft tall and our Bagel Boss is only 5 ft tall but the viral sensation has reportedly been going through a similar training regiment that other UFC fighters go through.

Plus, may I point out that you may be bigger but that does not mean that you are stronger OR faster.

The fight is scheduled to take place at the Showboat this Saturday at 7:00 PM and yes, tickets are still on sale. 

So ante up, place your bets and may the best boxer win!

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