UPDATE: According to NJ.com, bacteria levels in a majority of the South Jersey beaches have cleared up and have returned to normal bacteria level readings.

Thirteen of the beaches that received an abnormal reading have not issued any advisories because they are not yet open for the season.

Otherwise, only two river beaches were closed to swimmers and beachgoers on Wednesday due to high bacteria levels.

Another set of test results should be released sometime this (6/14) afternoon. 

Here are the beaches to still avoid: 

Shortly after the first set of bacteria level advisories were cleared, they are back and this time...even worse.

Unfortunately, over 47 ocean, bay, and river beach advisories have been released due to abnormally high fecal bacteria levels that were tested earlier this morning.

This means that 1 in 3 beaches throughout South Jersey are unfit for swimming today.

Another set of testing is underway and the results will be released later on this afternoon.

Please keep in mind that swimming in unfit waters could result in serious health risks including stomach cramps, rashes, or an eye or ear infection. (Over 57 million illnesses are reported to be connected to swimming in tainted waters every year!)

So as someone who loves swimming herself, yes it sucks but let's take a look at the list below so we can be safe and ready to go for the rest of our Summer.

Atlantic County

  • Atlantic City, Dover
  • Atlantic City, Missouri
  • Atlantic City, Bartram
  • Atlantic City, Texas
  • Atlantic City, Albany (oceanside)
  • Atlantic City, Michigan
  • Atlantic City, Illinois
  • Atlantic City, Kentucky
  • Ventnor City, Austin
  • Ventnor City, Dorset
  • Margate, Clermont
  • Margate, Gladstone

Cape May County

  • Wildwood, Montgomery
  • Wildwood, Bennett
  • Wildwood Crest, Jefferson
  • Wildwood Crest, Lavendar
  • Wildwood Crest, Hollywood
  • Wildwood Crest, Forgetmenot
  • Wildwood Crest, Orchid
  • Wildwood Crest, Miami
  • Ocean City, 16th St.
  • Ocean City, Park
  • Ocean City, 28th St.
  • Ocean City, 24th St.
  • Cape May, Grant
  • Cape May, Philadelphia
  • Cape May, Congress
  • Upper Township, Beesley's Point
  • Lower Township, Richmond Avenue

For a more detailed look at the results, check out the original article at APP.com.

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