What a wonderful idea! The Atlantic County Sheriffs Office is stepping up to help senior citizens who aren't able to get during this coronavirus scare or are afraid to do so.

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The Atlantic County Sheriff's Office delivery program will help provide medicine, medical and food supplies for disabled veterans and seniors in the community who are home bound due to COVID-19.

During the launch for the new emergency services delivery program, Sheriff Eric Scheffler said...

"We realize that our seniors and disabled veterans are not able to get out. Those isolated or quarantined, we will help them get access to basic necessities.

Here's how this program will work...

1. Place your order with the supermarket or pharmacy

2. Make sure you pay for your order

3. Call the Atlantic County Sheriff's Office 609-909-7200

4. Provide pickup information to the Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Officers will available from Mon-Fri 9 a.m.- 3 p.m.

To take part in the program, please call the Sheriff’s Office Telecommunications Center at 609-909-7200.

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