I have spent many late nights at the Irish Pub in Atlantic City.

The Irish Pub sits at 164 St. James Place in Atlantic City and has all the classic looks of what an old Irish Pub should look like.  Filled with old charm, which makes it a very cool place to have a beer at any time of the day.

The bar fills multiple rooms and the tables are sprawled out throughout the restaurant, it's truly one of the unique spots in Atlantic City.

Beginning its operations in the 19th century, the Pub has been going strong ever since, being identified as one of the oldest Irish pubs in the United States.

Back in the days of Prohibition, The Irish Pub in Atlantic City was a speakeasy. Today, it still offers a taste of old Atlantic City, having been in operation since all the way back in since the 19th century, with the exact date unknown.

The other Irish Pub's that were identified as the oldest in the US include:

  • The very oldest Irish pub, McSorley's Old Ale House in Manhattan, first opened in 1854.
  • McGillin's Olde Ale House, which opened in 1860 at 310 Drury St, in  Philadelphia.
  • Molly's Sheebeen, first opened in 1895 at 287 3rd Ave in New York.
  • Kelly's Logan House in Wilmington, DE has been around since 1864.
  • Nancy Whiskey Pub goes all the way back to 1902.
  • The Green Door Tavern in Chicago opened back in 1921
  • J.J. Foley's Café, in Boston opened in 1909.

So make it a point to visit the Irish Pub, and when you do, you'll be walking into history.

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