The Hard Rock Hotel and Ocean Resort Casino just couldn't wait any longer and ended up opening a day early and is now officially open to the public!

We even have some exclusive photos of what these newly-opened casinos look like!

Now, it is an assumption that people know how to conduct themselves in a casino and now that two brand new locations have opened, thousands are expected to flock down to Atlantic City this weekend alone.

So, let's get the word out there now!

Learn The Games

There is a learning curve with quite a few of the games that are available in casinos. However, peoples' winnings -- or losses -- are directly affected based on how others at the table play. Try to learn the basics so you understand what is going on and are prepared when you finally sit down to place your bets.

Dress Code

There are higher-end casinos that have strict dress codes. Make sure you check before heading over so you know what kind of appearance is appropriate.

No Phones

This may seem like a rather obvious rule for you regular casino-goers but you would actually be surprised how often this rule has to be explained. Your cellphone will literally not have service while you are in the casino because they don't want you to text, they want you to gamble. Plus, no one wants photos of themselves taken while in one of the biggest sin cities of Jersey!

Tip Your Dealer

It is common courtesy to tip your dealer, especially when you win. It does not have to be anything that breaks the bank. Remember, a small amount of appreciation goes a long way.

Tip Your Waiter/Waitress

Tipping your waiter or waitress is not a foreign concept to those of us in the USA and that same rule applies in casinos. 9/10, the waitresses are walking around for hours bringing you your beverages directly to your seat. Again, a small amount of appreciation goes a long way.

Don't Drink Too Much

Usually, drinks in casinos are free for the gamblers but that does not mean you should consume as much as humanly possible. While getting drunk usually results in losing all of your money, the casino is not exactly a party type spot. People go to gamble and the process is slowed down if someone who is intoxicated tries to get in on the mix. Looking for that kind of night? Head to one of the many clubs in Atlantic City.

Listen To The Dealer

When they say "no more bets," they mean it! Whatever they say goes and if you don't listen, it takes a simple raise of the hand to have you escorted out so that your fun is over before it even had a chance to begin.

Lose Gracefully

Casinos stay in business because a majority of their customers lose but it is all in good fun -- or is supposed to be. Don't start throwing a fit or yelling at the dealer if you are losing badly. That is another behavior that will get you kicked to the curb.

Check out for other casino tips and do's and don'ts that may come in handy.

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