Does Vineland need another Dunkin' store? Ashwin Chaudhary, the owner of three other Vineland Dunkin' locations, thinks so and city planners have given their approval for a fourth Dunkin' store, expected to open next year.

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The Vineland Daily Journal reports that this new Dunkin' franchise will be in the Lincoln Shopping Center in East Vineland, an area of town that doesn't presently have a dunkin' store.

Store owner Chaudhary told The Daily Journal local residents have been asking for the store...

“There is an opportunity and there is a demand for something like a coffee shop,” he said. “We have three Dunkin’ stores in Vineland. A lot of people come from that area and tell us, ‘Hey. You know what? You should open one in East Vineland.’ So, people are looking forward to it and they have nothing nearby.”

The new East Vineland Dunkin' will offer all the modern conveniences of the chain's 'Next Generation" stores, including two drive-thru windows, mobile ordering, pay on the app and a tap system for iced coffee and beverages. Chaudhary says customers like the options and the convenience.

Tap Beverages will help speed up the process, and allows more varieties. We will have a kiosk that a customer can put in their own order, right in the lobby and it will show up on our register.”

The proposed East Vineland Dunkin' is expected to open in spring or early summer of 2021.

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