AMC Theaters are stepping their game up on new and creative ways to pull in revenue amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.

You can now rent your own private theater or auditoriums at AMC Theaters so you and your friends can check out your favorite flick for as low as $99!

But yes, there are add-ons to make it a bit more expensive. The final price will depend on the location of the movie theater, the movie you are viewing and any other add-ons like food, drinks and more!

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For example, renters will be allowed in their theater 15 minutes before the start of their movie. But if you and your friends would like additional time in your private theater, you can add time on for an additional $250.

Plus, you can even rent a microphone that you can use to properly greet your guests as they arrive for an additional $100! (Worth it? I think so....)

Each rental will only allow a maximum of 20 people per private rental because of COVID-19.

If you want to see which AMC Theaters near you are participating, CLICK HERE.

I am sure it doesn't take a genius to figure out why AMC Theaters are offering this.

The theater chain's revenue has fallen a whopping $941.5 million and with people unable to gather indoors, there is really no sign that the movie theater business is going to bounce back.

The owners of AMC Theaters recently announced that if something didn't change soon, they were going to run out of money! So this must have been their creative solution.

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