This weekend, there is a national event going on and it is called "Clear the Shelter" which helps to get hundreds, if not thousands, of shelter pets adopted. (It warms my heart that I may be tearing up as I write this)

The Atlantic County Animal Shelter is one of the groups participating and has announced that this Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, all adoption fees will be waived for select pets that are available for immediate adoption.

Usually, the adopt fees are approximately $85 for cats and kittens and $110 for dogs and puppies. The fees include vaccination, sterilization, diagnostic testing, a microchip, a free vet consultation and free obedience classes for dogs.

If you have been thinking about adopting, this is clearly the weekend! You will save some money on those adoption fees (which can be used to get more treats and toys) and you will be changing the world for one lucky animal.

Now being that Clear the Shelter is a national event, there are other shelters participating. You can head to to check and see which local shelters are participating.

The Humane Society of Ocean City is also participating. Check out their website for details.

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Remember: ADOPT DON'T SHOP and I hope you find your true love this weekend.

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