Less than two weeks after holding a farewell party and closing, North Wildwood favorite Westy's Irish Pub has re-opened with new owners and a new name.

According to philly.com, local restaurateurs Puri Garzone and Joe Affet purchased the popular Hereford inlet club from the West family, who have owned it since 1996.

Garzone, whose family has a house in North Wildwood, plans to keep the basic concept of Westy's Pub alive, while changing its name to The Inlet on Olde.

Philly.com says Garzone said they chose to rename it partly because “none of us are Wests. We felt that a new identity would give us a fresh start.” New signs are on the way, the menu will see some changes,  but the Westy's staff will remain.

Those of us old enough remember this club's site on Walnut Street in North Wildwood when it was home to Cozy Morley’s Talk of the Town. Good luck to The Inlet on Olde!

Source: Philly. com

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