A little secret about me, I love driving golf carts. I will have one of my own one day, but for now I rent them when I head to shore towns. We did this in Cape May.

I had no idea we could even do this. It turns out that you can and it's a lot of fun. On a hot Saturday in July or August at the Shore, the air felt so nice in the golf cart, it actually kept us cool. It was such a great experience, something the whole family can enjoy.

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I was searching around about doing something different in New Jersey and I love driving golf carts. It was a win, win for us. I have no idea why I love it so much, but I do. It is amazingly fun for me to drive a golf cart and I don't know why, but it was great to check out the sites in Cape May.

You can rent a golf cart all day. So, if you vacation down there they will drop the golf cart off to you or if you're like us, we drove down and picked it up for the day. There are so many sites to see in Cape May from the Cape May Light House, the sunken ship beach, the beach strip, the shopping area, and so many other places to drive the golf cart around. And how about driving up and down the street to check out the Victorian Houses and eco-friendly.

thinkstock, getty images
thinkstock, getty images

The sunset at the sunken ship beach was just perfect. If you rent a golf cart for the day, the cart needs to be returned by 10:00 pm, so it's fantastic to keep the golf cart for sunset then return it. It's a fabulous experience for kids, too.

For information about renting a golf cart in Cape May, click here.

Golf cart rentals have become very popular in shore towns. You can rent one in Wildwood, Ocean City, Cape May, and now LBI, also.

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