You either can’t stand the taste of coffee, or you would go to the ends of the earth for a refreshing first sip each morning. There is no in-between. But have you ever wondered if your love for coffee has been taken a tad too far?

1. You are not able to function before your first cup of coffee

Let’s face it, the morning is the hardest time of the day for us coffee drinkers. Therefore, those that are close to you know the golden rule not to talk, make noise, or initiate an interaction of any kind with you before your first cup of coffee. Otherwise, it could get dangerous.

2. You and your baristas know each other by name

You avid coffee drinkers treasure your baristas because you know your day would be awful without their valiant services. You learn each other’s names, hobbies, and schedules because developing a relationship is inevitable.

3. Your baristas know your order by memory

When that beautiful bond has had a chance to develop, that very specific coffee can be made in your barista's sleep -- especially when it is at the same time of the day, every day. Before you know it, your drink will be ready before you even reach the counter.

4. Your garbage can, bedroom, and car contain a surplus of empty coffee cups

When you avidly drink coffee on the go, there tends to be a humongous trail of empty coffee cups showing the events of your day. It can become a very treasured collection as the days roll on.

5. You know the nearby coffee shops’ hours by heart

The urge for your vanilla chai latte could occur at any moment so you need to be ready at all hours of the day. You always know the closest coffee shop that is open in relation to your current location. You also map out nearby coffee shops whenever you are in a new area because as you have learned the hard way, you must always be prepared.

6. Gift cards to the closest coffee shops are the perfect gift to get on your good side

When you make multiple stops to a coffee shop a day, it is easy to rack up quite the bill for your daily coffee expenses. So what is the easiest way into your heart? That’s right, an advanced payment for your dosage of caffeine because it is probably the sweetest gesture you’ve ever seen.

7. You lose track of how many coffee stops you make each day

When you stop for coffee in between classes, before work, after work, during your lunch break, and your 3 p.m. lull, it gets pretty tough to keep track of how many coffees you drink each day. It becomes such a natural part of your being that it seems more unnatural for you to not have a cup of coffee in your hand anyway.

8. It physically pains you to see coffee wasted by others

Picture this: you see an oncoming stranger with a gorgeous looking cup of coffee in their hand as they make their way down the street. You smile at their choice of beverage…that is until you see them throw more than half of their coffee away. It physically pains you because you cannot possibly fathom how someone could ever waste a very delicious cup of coffee. Disgusting behavior, I know.

9. You will run late for a coffee stop

You will stop for your caffeine at any point in your day because you without coffee basically deems you useless. Even if you are leaving the house at 4:55 and you have work at 5:00, you tell yourself that you can be in and out of that Dunkin Doughnuts in two minutes. Without that dosage, the rest of your day will be a nightmare.

So, how many coffee addicts do we have in South Jersey?

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