It really is a nation, isn't it?

The Nation of Wawa!

Here in South Jersey, Wawa is a way of life. EVERYBODY goes to Wawa, right?

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Since we're all doing it, Wawa is really a microcosm of our society - all kinds of people from different backgrounds, melding together in one roughly 5,000 square feet of space all with one thing in mind: find what we want and go!

With that in mind, I present 8 Ways to Survive Wawa and Come Out on the Other Side.

1. Don't leave your car at the gas pumps.

Come on! No one wants to wait for you to get your sandwich made. Wait for your gas, then go park!

If you have to go potty, park your car first, and get gas second.

Again, we're all trying to find what we need and go!

2. Don't stand in front of the deli counter waiting for your order number to be called.

Everyone is waiting for their order too. No one wants to have to walk around you to get to the window.  Stand back here in the semi-circle with the rest of us. Or, go block the donut case.

3. Don't stand in front of the order kiosk if you've already ordered.

See above. Same thing. Don't be a blocker. Get in the semi-circle!

4. Get off the phone while you're at the cash register.

It's called manners. The cashier doesn't want to wait for you and hear your conversation, and neither do us standing behind you.

Hey, it's 2023, what are you doing talking on the phone anyway? The rest of the world is just texting. (Don't text while they're ringing you up either, please.)

5. Don't do 8 transactions at the ATM.

People are waiting in line behind you. Put your card in and go. If it doesn't work, you get one more try. If that doesn't work, be cautious and move out of the way. Call your bank, your spouse, or your dad over there, out of the way. Let other people be disappointed by the size of their available balance.

6. If you encounter something broken or not working - like a coffee machine or the smoothy machine, tell someone who works there.

If you don't speak up,  the person waiting behind you is going to do the same thing that you just did.

7. Don't dump your ashtray in the parking lot.

People still smoke? Apparently, they do.  Don't be a pig. Same thing with trash. Throw it in the many convenient containers provided by Wawa, or toss it in your backseat, like this guy.

8. Be friendly to the Wawa employees.

As George Costanza (Sienfeld) once said, "We're living in a society!"

Got more things about living the Nation of Wawa? Let me know and we'll add a part 2 in the future! My email:

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