The woman who wouldn't take no for an answer when confronting former Philadelphia Eagle Jason Kelce and his wife Kylie about getting a photo outside in a Margate restaurant over Memorial Day Weekend spoke out for the first time on Thursday.

Here are five things to know about the woman and this rude encounter.

1- Who Is This Woman?

Her name is Andreé Goldberg.

The woman seen in a short viral video threatening the Kelce's outside of Steve and Cookie's Restaurant in Margate as she shouted at Kylie, 'I don't give a f**k who you are, you'll never be allowed in this town again', spoke out Thursday after being tracked down by a reporter.

2- Where Did the Reporter Find Her?

According to Philadelphia Magazine reporter Victor Fiorillo, the woman in the middle of the Kylie Kelce Margate scandal, Andrée Goldberg, and her husband Bryan Goldberg, were at their new Teuscher Chocolates store in Wayne, Pa.

Goldberg is a former Goldman Sachs analyst, according to a magazine article about her new store.

3- Goldberg Issued a Statement About Memorial Day Weekend Episode

Goldberg said the video and her actions do not reflect who she is.

In a heated moment, I said things that were out of character for me and that I regret and for that, I am sorry. Although I apologized directly to the Kelce family on Saturday, I want to publicly apologize to them, and our community. My anger, and my actions, are not who I am, and certainly not indicative of the welcoming community of Margate.

As an adult and proud member of my community,  I should have recognized and respected their right to privacy from the onset. I am deeply appreciative of the grace and understanding shown to me by the Kelces and wish them nothing but the best.

4- Rumor Has It She Doesn't Live in Margate

The word on social media is that Andrée Goldberg doesn't live in Margate at all.

After threatening to stop the Kelces from ever being allowed in this town again, it turns out the couple doesn't live in Margate themselves, but rent a home in Longport.

As a longtime resident of Margate, I feel I must point this out. Margate's been taking some shots during this debacle.

5- The Woman Says She Has Already Apologized to the Kelces

Andreé Goldberg says she has already made peace with Jason and Kylie Kelce, apologizing to the couple directly after the incident.

Now that she has publicly apologized, maybe we should all give her a little slack, too. I would imagine this incident has taught her a tough lesson on entitlement.

Why don't we all bring down the temperature a little on the hate?

As the Bible says, He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her.”

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