OK... Get ready to shell out more money for these 5 items this year.

#1. Domestic and International Airfare: Greater demand and fewer airline seats will likely lead to higher ticket prices. American Express predicts prices will increase 5-7%.

#2 New Digital Camera Models: Smart phones have quickly replaced budget friendly point-and-shoot cameras. Retailers are focusing on higher-end digital SLR's.

#3. Hard drives. There's been a shortage on hard drives thanks to the flooding in Thailand in 2011.  Expect shortages throughout the  first quarter in 2012.

#4. Desktop Computers. The consolidation of desktop features many with touchscreens will drive desktop prices up by 30%.

and finally #5 Gas. (What a pain in the you know what) Fuel prices are already inching up and unfortunately 2012 is looking to be another budget breaking year, with prices once again topping close to $4 per gallon.

Bonus:  Look for Gold to achieve its 11th straight year of growth. Analysts expect gold to rise roughly 12% in 2012!

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