How do I put this nicely....the folks that live in South Jersey are "one-of-a-kind."

But our unique characteristics probably have the rest of the country...maybe even the world....a tad confused what our people are up to.

1. Go Right To Make A Left

In what world does it make sense for you to have to go into the right lane and take a jug handle to make a left turn? In Jersey, that's where!

2. Taylor Ham/Pork Roll Feud

Not only is this food not even a major trend through the USA, but the heated debate that ensues when discussing the name of it is actually pretty dangerous. If you don't pick a side, stand back.

3. Tanning

So let me get this straight. You go and pay to get a fake tan so you can go out on the beach to get a real tan? Are you reading this too?

4. Fist Pumping

There is salsa, there is hip hop, R&B, Jazz, even ballroom dancing! I doubt you will find fist pumping anywhere on the list because it is not like we even look cool while doing it.

5. Road Rage

The middle finger is a very well-known form of "sign language" on the roads in New Jersey. I am sure the rest of the world is just trying to understand our need to get angry at someone that is in a car a few feet away from us traveling 80 mph. Can you say, "Dangerous?"

Did I miss any? Leave a comment below because I am sure there has got to be more!

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