So now I am a little confused.

So over the weekend, my mom received this email regarding a third stimulus. (She says she should get 10% as my manager for all this lol)

Courtesy of: Mama Murray
Courtesy of: Mama Murray

So at first when she showed me the email, I thought: "Oh great! We are getting another round of stimulus!"

But then we discovered that there were indeed three stimulus checks already sent out and I looked back in my back account to confirm.

I have asked multiple people and the majority responded that they thought we only got two so it looks like I am not the only one who is thrown out of whack.

I know the first assumption is that this is a scam email. But when we clicked it, it linked directly to which is a government official website.

I went to to create an account to see what is going on and it states that I received the 3rd round of stimulus back in March. It was an additional $1400.

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FYI: This website is legit because I had to confirm my identity with text and email codes multiple times.

When I selected "Receive My Payment," the website unveiled that I am not eligible for any other payments.

But if no additional stimulus has been approved, why is my mom receiving this email now?

Am I missing something? Or am I not understanding a portion of this system that has already been explained? is not even the full stimulus amount. Could that have to do with the tax bracket she falls in?

If you have received an email like this, especially if it was within the last week or so, can you email me at  Please?

Maybe we can figure this out all together and once I have some more concrete information, I will let you guys know. The more we know about our money, the better.

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