Atlantic City Restaurant Week is a 6-day celebration of the culinary arts and foodie scene in and around Atlantic City.

A.C. Restaurant Week is one of the most successful and delicious food festivals in the USA.

Atlantic City area restaurants create special dishes at discounted prices and host events etc during the week. Some restaurants bring in live entertainment, create themed nights and display their culinary generous with price fixed menus for $15.18 for lunch and $$35.18 for dinner.

2017’s Atlantic City Restaurant Week is Sunday, March 4 through Saturday, March 9.

Win dinner for two during Atlantic City Restaurant Week this week playing Impossible Trivia on the Lite Rock Morning Show with Eddie Davis.

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Today’s Lite Rock Impossible Trivia question: About 3800 Americans were hospitalized last year for this typically minor condition.  What is it?

Today’s answer?  We did not get the correct answer today, but, if you watch this short video, you should be able to figure it out...

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