Happy Tax Day, New Jersey! This year more and more retailers are offering freebies and special deals to help you cope if you owe Uncle Sam some bucks.

Check out these Tax Day deals and freebies, according to USA Today:

Kona Ice: Chill Out Day is on at Kona  Ice! Get a free cup of tropical shaved ice.

Outback Steakhouse: Get a free Blomin' Onion with any purchase on Tax Day when you say Blomin' Tuesday to your server!

Staples: Free Shreeding up to one pound at Staples throuhg April 21st. You'll need this  Staples coupon.

Applebe's: $1 margaritas available through April 30th!  Enjoy a Dollarita to help take the strees out of tax day through April 30th!

Chuck E. Cheese. Now through Thursday you can get one large cheese pizza Free when you purchase one large cheese pizza.

Source: USA Today


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