We were talking one day about where to get excellent Buffalo wings for a football viewing party. That conversation turned into this article.

20 Great South Jersey Places to Get Fantastic Wings

Here's a list and photos of 20 South Jersey eateries with killer wings.

How Were These Wing Places Chosen to Spotlight?

They were all suggested by listeners. Several of the South Jersey places included were suggested many times by many listeners in a morning radio question.

Where Are These Wing Places?

They are spread around southeastern New Jersey. These wing places are in Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland, and lower Ocean counties.

Do These Places Specialize in Wings?

A few do, but most do not. They all know how to make them well, however, and, wings are a featured item on their menus.

Why Isn't My Favorite Wing Place on This List?

This is not a list of the only good wing places in South Jersey, it's a list of 20 places that have really good hot wings. Leave the name of a local place you think should have made this list and we will try to include it soon.

Let's look at the 20 great South Jersey places to get fantastic wings.

20 Great South Jersey Places to Get Fantastic Wings

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