Everyone loves weird restaurants and I don't mean the food. I mean the atmosphere, the weird building that a restaurant is in.

Recently, I was reading a article from lovefood.com, and some of these weird restaurants are the coolest. Just imagine, eating in a restaurant that a roller coaster delivers your food, or eating on a cool train car and a Barbie Cafe', that's close by to New Jersey.

BrianAJackson, Getty Images
BrianAJackson, Getty Images

We have two of the weirdest restaurants in the world, rather close to us in New Jersey. The first one is the Malibu Barbie Cafe' in NYC. This has got to be very popular right now with the hit "Barbie" movie. Everything is pink and plastic. The cafe' is not just a pretty place to look at and take really cool pictures, the food is good too. The menu is courtesy of US Master Chef semi-finalist Becky Brown, according to lovefood.com.

From Malibu Barbie Cafe' Facebook:

The second one is in Pennsylvania. It's called Bube's Brewery and it lies in the catacombs. Wondering what Catacombs are? Catacombs are different kinds of passages. They're almost like caves. I have been here to this Pennsylvania restaurant and it's really cool. They even do dessert ghost tours.

From Bube's Brewery Facebook:

In Nevada, you can check out an alien-themed restaurant, have diner by Niagara Falls on the Canadian side, in Colorado dining is in a 1950's Boeing KC-97, and so many more. In Dubai, how about an ice restaurant? Yes, that's crazy. Wear your winter coat. Click here for these outrageous and weird restaurants all over the world.

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