Welcome to Lite Rock Impossible Trivia. While we continue to wait for things to return to normal in South Jersey and across America, we know you are looking for something fun to do in the morning to take your mind off the unpleasant issues of modern life.

So, we invite you to play Lite Rock Impossible Trivia, weekdays at 7:20am on the Lite Rock Morning Show with Eddie Davis.

This week, you can win four tickets to your choice of movies at Tilton Square Theatre in Northfield. Tilton Square Theatre is South Jersey's premier movie theatre experience, including a state of the art IMAX movie theatre.

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Tilton Square Theatre is doing everything they can to protect both their customers and team members alike by providing a safe and clean theatre experience.

They believe through the application of commonsense personal and community hygiene practices that they will overcome Covid-19 and once again enjoy a high quality of life.
Get out today and enjoy a movie at Tilton Square Theatre! See what's playing now...

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Today's Impossible Trivia question: 15% of people were terrified of these when they children, and about half of those people are still scared of them today. What is it?

Today's answer? We didn't get the right answer today! Watch this short video to get a BIG HINT about the right answer....

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