Happy 4/20, everybody. Well, I guess that's an extension to those who already partake in marijuana use.

Don't you find it weird that the use of recreational marijuana in the Garden State officially goes into effect the day AFTER what's become known as "the pot holiday"? Makes no sense, right? You'd think they'd make it officially legal on April 20th, not wait until the 21st. Well, apparently there's a reason for that.

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According to NJ.com, weed wasn't legalized on 4/20 purposefully. If your thought was that they simply didn't want a rush on products, you're sort-of in the ballpark of being correct, but not quite. Truth be told, multiple sources revealed that it was actually an oversight. Logistics played a big part in certified retailers not being equipped to begin legally selling on 4/20. So, unfortunately, you'll have to wait until "weed o'clock" has officially come and gone for the year 2022 before actually being able to purchase the ganja legally.

It's not like you'll have to wait too long, though. So far, about ten stores in New Jersey are ready for the official launch of legal weed sales in the Garden State on Thursday, April 21st. For New Jersey residents on the coast, the closest places you'll have the option to purchase from are in Egg Harbor Township, Atlantic City, Neptune, and Eatontown.

For a complete list of approved places to purchase for recreational use starting on 4/21, you can check out New Jersey's official map of cannabis dispensary locations or just click HERE.

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