Looking to have a meatball day like Snooki and Deena from MTV's Jersey Shore? You're in luck! So many of the iconic Seaside Heights bars that we've watched the cast party in are still open to this day!

Of course, since the start of the original seasons of the show back in 2009, a lot has changed down at the Jersey Shore in Seaside Heights. Bars and restaurants have come and gone, but a lot has stayed the same!

The Cast of Jersey Shore Visits the Empire State Building
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I’ve been watching Jersey Shore for years and it’s for sure one of my comfort shows at this point. I remember being younger and getting so excited to turn 21 and hopefully get a chance to check out some of the bars and clubs that the Jersey Shore crew were regulars at.

It’s sad to know that we won’t get to experience or recreate their drunken moments at some of the now-closed bars, but there are still plenty of places to check out that were a part of the cast's old stomping grounds.

What New Jersey Bars Were Featured on The MTV Show ' Jersey Shore'?

"Snooki" Polizzi Arrested In Seaside Heights
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Now that summer is officially upon us, the tourists will start making their way down the shore to get the full Jersey Shore experience. If I were from out of town and were a huge fan of the show, I’d want to know in advance which bars from the show I’d be able to check out.

If you're planning on stopping at the Shore Store, taking a tour of the house, and hitting some of those iconic bars along the Jersey Shore, you need a plan. So, which bars that were frequently featured on Jersey Shore are still open?

Which Bars Featured on MTV's 'Jersey Shore' Are Still Open?

We know the 'Jersey Shore' crew put these bars/clubs on the map, but which can you still visit over 10 years later?

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Rent The Jersey Shore House This Summer in Seaside

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