Since being elected to his first term as Governor in 2018, Phil Murphy has often been a target of political criticism. Despite walking into the job after one of the most divisive New Jersey Governors of the last 40 years, Murphy has not avoided taking sides in partisan political issues.

Receiving almost 5 percent fewer votes than in 2018, the Democratic Governor survived closer than expected Govenatoral Campaign for his second term in office. Murphy only carried 10 of New Jersey's 21 Counties during the 2021 Governoratorial Election.

So it should not be surprising that New Jersey's Phil Murphy is not one of the Ten Most Popular Democrat Governors in America.  With an Unemployment Rate of 4.7 Percent (which is higher than the National Average), only 53.5% of New Jersey Residents approve of the job that Phil Murphy has done.

How Much Does New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy Get Paid?

But Approval Ratings have no bearing on how much a State Governor's Salary is each year. According to research by World Population Review, the New Jersey Governor is tied for the 10th Highest Annual Salary among all United States Governors.

Governor Murphy's annual salary of $175,000 is tied with the Governors of Georgia and Virginia. Murphy earns more money annually than seven of the Top Ten Most Popular Democrat Governors in America.

Some might say that the New Jersey Governor should be paid more considering that The Garden State has the Third Highest Household Expenses Costs in the United States.  But that number is over $82,000 more than the New Jersey Median Household Income and puts the Governor of New Jersey into what many would call an Upper-Class Income Bracket.

Here Are The Highest Paid Governors In The United States:

1. New York - $250,000 (Kathy Hochul)
2. California - $218,556 (Gavin Newsome)
3. Pennsylvania - $213,026 (Josh Shapiro)
4. Tennessee - $204,336 (Bill Lee)
5. Vermont - $191,734 (Phil Scott)
6. Washington - $187,353 (Jay Inslee)
7. Massachusetts - $185,000 (Maura Healey)
8. Illinois - $184,758 (J. B. Pritzker)
9. Maryland - $180,000 (Wes Moore)
Tied for 10. New Jersey - $175,000 (Phil Murphy)
Tied for 10. Georgia - $175,000 (Brian Kemp)
Tied for 10. Virginia - $175,000 (Glenn Youngkin)

Governor Murphy, a former Goldman Sachs Executive, revealed that the total earnings for him and his wife Tammy was $655,000 in 2023.  When he leaves the Governor's Office at the end of his term, I am not sure he will be able to afford some of the Best Homes For Sale in New Jersey:

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Gallery Credit: Steve McKay/Townsquare Media

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