With one of the top-selling jerseys in Major League Baseball, Bryce Harper is one of the biggest sports stars in the city of Philadelphia.  A blue-collar town that loves their Football team, has embraced a guy from Las Vegas.

Since signing with the Phillies ahead of the 2019 season, Harper earned his superstar status; Bryce won the 2021 National League MVP and helped Philadelphia reach the 2022 World Series. The former Outfielder who switched to First Base last season has become the face of the Phillies organization.

But Harper is not just helping his team win games on the baseball field, the Phillies' Superstar decided to help out a young man in his neighborhood.

Jake Portello lives in the same neighborhood as Bryce Harper and is a senior at Haddonfield Memorial High School. Jake walked to Harper's house and knocked on the door to ask for Harper's assistance.

The High School Senior asked the Phillies' Superstar for help to ask a young lady to this year's Haddonfield Memorial Prom.  According to Jake's retelling of the series of events, Harper at first asked to exchange email addresses so they could plan out how they wanted to approach the young lady named Giulia.

But Harper changed his mind in the doorway of his home and decided to improvise. Bryce decided to go with Jake went to Giulia's house to knock on her door, for one of the most impromptu house calls of all time.

As you can see, Giulia was more than surprised.  Although she gave Bryce Harper a hug and left Jake standing there alone for what seems like forever before giving him a hug.  The guy who made this once-in-a-lifetime moment is waiting for this young lady, whom he obviously likes a lot, to acknowledge him.  Hopefully, that's not a bad omen that Jake will get put into the "Friend Zone".

If being a good neighbor was not enough on Monday, Bryce Harper hit a Home Run and a Double in the Phillies 5-2 win on Tuesday Night.  The Phillies have the best record in Major League Baseball with a 35-14 record.  We all hope that Jake and Giulia have the best prom date night!

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Gallery Credit: Heather DeLuca

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