It's the end of an era for a popular bar in Camden County, New Jersey. Villari's By The Pike has just announced its closing for good. So, what's next for the space?

Goodness gracious, Villari's By The Pike. If you know, you know. I can't tell you how many times I closed THAT place when I was in my 20s. Tucked off Stone Road in Laurel Springs (a stone's throw from White Horse Pike), it was kind of like my 'secret' spot.

Not only was it a hometown bar, it served the most fabulous freakin' wings. Ug, loved them so much before I became a spice wimp, lol.

Villari's By The Pike in Laurel Springs, NJ Closing Its Doors After 26 Years

Villari's By The Pike Laurel Spring NJ
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I still remember when Villari’s By The Pike opened in 1998 by a guy named Sal Villari who I happened to have worked with previously at a local car dealership while I was putting myself through college.

It’s where my friends and former colleagues and I would go when we wanted a fun but chill night out where we could hear each other talk, listen to bands, and catch up with other locals.

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But after 26 years giving the Laurel Springs community the kind of bar where everybody knows your name, Villari’s By The Pike as we know it is about to go out of business. After Sunday, July 7th it will reportedly close its doors.

Is Berlin, NJ's Ultra Popular Golden Nugget Tavern Opening Another Location?

Golden Nugget Tavern Berlin NJ
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However, it’s not ALL bad news. Sure, we’ll miss the Villari’s By The Pike we know and loved for so long, but according to 42 Freeway, nearby Berlin’s The Golden Nugget Tavern has filed paperwork to take over ownership and the liquor license of Villari’s BTP.

If the rumors are true, Golden Nugget Tavern fans will certainly be happy to have another location to visit for live music and equally delicious wings.

Happy Retirement to Sal and the Villari Family that ran BTP for so long. Thanks for the memories!

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