Are you going on vacation over the holidays? Most statistics show that people travel more than 20 minutes away at some point over the holiday season. Whether that's to your grandma's house 40 minutes away or back home that requires you to board a plane, chances are you're going SOMEWHERE this holiday season.

If you plan on flying anywhere this year and you happen to live in the Garden State, this one's for you.

Apparently, we're not the best travelers in the world.

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Far from it, actually. A new survey from the folks at USA Today has named New Jersey residents some of the most inefficient travelers in all of America. We come in at number 8 on the list of worst airline travelers, as a matter of fact.

I can confirm that I fit the stereotype. For one, I'll admit that I don't know how to pack. For a 3-day trip, I'm one of those people that packs like I'm going away for 2 weeks. My mindset is "you never know!" After all, you never know really what you'll need, right? What if they weather suddenly changes?

I'm THAT person. I'd rather have everything I need with me than have to run to the store for something during my vacation.

Here's where we here in the Garden State struggle the most:

- Carrying on luggage

- Getting off the airplane

- Standing too close to the carousel to get our bags (59% of people admit to this)

- Being reminded by TSA to take our belts or shoes off (30%)

- Struggle to get our carry-ons to fit overhead (29%)

- Going through the scanner with our phone, jewelry, or keys (24%)

Hopefully, you won't encounter too many travel delays this holiday season. If you do, you might have a fellow NJ resident to thank. 😬😬


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