Call me a basic b****, but there are fewer things in life that make me happier than an iced coffee and a trip to Target. Don't ask me why. I'd usually never list Target as one of my favorite stores, but as somebody who experiences a bit of anxiety while shopping, Target is a store that doesn't exhibit that response from me.

An afternoon spent at Target is one well spent, in my book.

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Frequent Target shoppers should be prepared for the big changes headed our way at the New Jersey locations and beyond. What was once a quick and easy way to pay for your items and be on your way will soon cease to exist for shoppers unless you only went in to pick up a few things.

Target changes self-checkout rules for all locations

Multiple sources have reported that changes to Target's self-checkout rules will soon be rolling out at your nearest location. While you could once use the self-checkout line to scan all of the items in your cart, that ability will soon come to an end to all Target locations forever. Sources have reported that self-checkout will only be accessible for people with ten items or fewer.

So, what was once a self-checkout line will essentially become an express check-out line.

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Target has announced this week that self-checkouts as we currently know them will soon cease to exist. Only people doing a bit of light shopping will enjoy the convenience of a self-checkout line, going forward.

One of the reasons they've decided to implement this change is due to all the theft they've been experiencing. Not every single shopper is stealing, but it's made it easier over the years for those who are inclined to do so.

The new system has already been tested at a few locations and has seemed to curb the problem enough that the company has chosen to implement it at all their stores.

Well, self-checkout, you were great while you lasted. Here's what people are stealing from Target the most:

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