Sometimes while I'm sitting at my desk a random question will pop into my head.

Today's question was, if I left Seaside and swam across the Atlantic Ocean where would I end up?

Now, before we get into it let me set some parameters so I don't get nitpicked in the comments section of Facebook.

1. Ocean currents won't be taken into consideration.

I am aware, swimming in a straight line in the ocean is pretty much impossible. Ocean currents would carry you off course and would have you end up in a completely different part of the world.

For argument's sake, let's say there is a very, very long string going across the ocean that you are attached to in order to keep you on course.

2. The Earth's curvature is sort of being considered

The Earth isn't flat.

Sorry flat earthers... Actually, I'm not sorry.

The Earth isn't even a perfect sphere.

Our lovely planet bulges at the center.

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With that being said, how did I figure out where you would wash ashore?

I started in Seaside Heights and kept clicking and dragging across Google Maps to find approximately where you would end up.

I then clicked a spot on the map, noted the latitude line, and then found that same latitude line in Seaside.

I got as specific as I could, for no other reason than my own amusement.

The latitude line in Seaside (it ended up being Seaside Park) is @39.9200643.

The latitude on the destination is 39.9209105.

I tried to get it exact and I probably could have if I hadn't just clicked and dragged around the map to find the spot.

The difference, though, is only a matter of a few yards.

What is directly across New Jersey?

Pedrógão Grande, Portugal is across the pond from New Jersey, more specifically Praia do Pedrógão, Portugal, or Pedreogao Beach.

Pedrógão Grande is a small seaside town, with a population of under 4,000.

Praia do Pedrógão is located on Portugal's Silver Coast.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This is the view you would have when you finished your swim.

Not too shabby.

Your swim would be a mere 3368.90 miles.

Sounds exhausting...

People on Yelp seem to really enjoy Praia do Pedrógão.

  • "This is real authentic Portuguese style sea-side village. Few tourists. Great beaches and great restaurants. Peace and quiet during the week, busy in the weekends."
  • "I absolutely love this place! Wonderful large, golden sandy beach, great esplanade to walk or sit and observe time passing by. Lovely for all ages."

It seems to be quite quiet and not crowded, the opposite of Seaside.

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