Obviously, when you see a list like this, of the richest families in America, you think probably their wealth is linked to big business.

What type of businesses are these families associated with and how much is the "richest"?

We are talking big money here.

Billions of dollars, possibly trillions if you combine families from all over the United States.

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This list was put together by Family Minded and outlined the richest family in each state here in America.

"Many made their fortunes through excellent investments or by getting into an industry at the perfect time (i.e., oil and natural gas drilling in the 1960s and '70s). Others were big players in fashion, food production or healthcare. And in recent years, tech and the internet have created oodles of new money."

What type of business would you associate with generational wealth in New Jersey?

Think food.

Simple food.

Something you may have in your cabinet right now.

According to their article, the richest clan here in New Jersey has roots in soup, Campbell's Soup.

campbells soup factory
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The Dorrance Family is the richest family in New Jersey.

The Dorrance Family has an estimated net worth of $17.1 billion, yes "billion".

Most of that legacy comes from the late 1800s when "John T. Dorrance created the formula for Campbell’s original condensed soup."

Today the family is also invested in products like Pepperidge Farm, Prego, and V8. So as you can see the richest family in New Jersey is heavily invested in the food industry here in the Garden State.

When you combine all of their brands it is estimated the company sees $8 billion in revenue each year. That's a lot of tomato soup!

Currently, there are 11 family members who own about 50% of the company.

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