Have You ever tasted delicious Peruvian food? I recently had the pleasure and it was delicious. There is a new taste in town and it's bringing delicious Peruvian treats to you courtesy of Sniowchi.


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Peruvian Food



Snowchi is the Peruvian cuisine food truck that is the dream of Gianella and Andrew. According to their website, "We decided to serve Peruvian food because it's the one that we enjoy the most!" Gia was born in Lima, Peru before moving to America. "One day, we began reminiscing back at the years before COVID started, when we used to have people over for parties and gatherings. We smiled at the memories of everyone having a great time and eating the delicious noms that Gianella would make for everyone at our home."


Peruvian Food


Let's talk about the food. Snowchi  has some delicious Peruvian treats for you to try like:

PAN CON CHICHARRON: Pork sandwich with sweet potato slices and salsa criolla (Peruvian onion relish). Served with a side of FREE coffee with this order.

Papa Rellena: Deep fried stuffed mashed potato ball with ground beef filling, egg, olive, and raisins served with a side of salsa criolla (onion relish). Sauce of your choice.


Papa Rellena
Shawn Michaels


SALCHIPAPA: SALCHIPAPA CLASSIC: consists of beef hot dogs served over french fries covered in ketchup, mayo, and mustard with a side of shredded lettuce. SALCHIPAPA CON TODO: Consists of the Salchipapa Classic plus ALL Peruvian sauces (Huancaina sauce, Aji Verde, Rocoto Carretillero) SALCHIPARTY: Salchipapa con todo plus a fried egg and melted mozzarella cheese on top.

ALFAJOR: Anise sandwich cookie with dulce de leche filling. *Option of rolled-in coconut flakes and without.

CHICHA MORADA: A sweet and refreshing purple beverage that's made from Peruvian purple corn infused with apples, pineapple, cinnamon, and lime juice.

INCA KOLA: A Peruvian yellow-gold color soda with a sweet, fruity flavor. It tastes like pineapple bubblegum soda.


Shawn Michaels


PAPA A LA HUANCAINA: One of our vegetarian dishes that is light and delicious. Starting with fresh leaf lettuce, followed by slices of boiled potatoes on top covered in huancaina sauce, topped with an olive and egg. Our huancaina sauce is a cold, yellow pepper cheese sauce. Very loved by many of our customers.


Shawn Michaels


BEEF EMPANADA: Baked handmade empanada dough, stuffed with well-seasoned sirloin beef, olive, and egg served with a side of lime wedge. 

**They also offer baked chicken empanadas. Their cheese and onion empanada is deep-fried.** 


Shawn Michaels


Snowchi also offers a catering menu. Locations where you can find Snowchi  for November and December are every Saturday at Icarus Brewing located in Lakewood (1790 Swarthmore Ave. Unit 3 lot 2, Lakewood, NJ 08701)

I had lunch with Gia and Andrew and loved the Peruvian foods they brought to the studio for us to sample :)


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