Lots of folks have side jobs. Today people call them "side hustles" I guess it's a more positive way of referring to extra work, although no one complains about the added income. We have all had two or more jobs at one time during our working career. Some people may think their main job is a multi-job environment. There are many different ways to get additional income or the "side hustle" but some are not. We have three side jobs you shouldn't do here in the Garden State because quite simply, they are illegal!



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There is a fine line between legal and illegal regarding a friendly poker game around the kitchen table at home. The line is ok if you are just attending and playing the line gets blurry when you are hosting and promoting a poker game. According to Internetpoker.com, "Home games in New Jersey are generally allowed, but there is one big condition. First of all, if you are just attending and playing in a social home game, you have nothing to worry about. If you are hosting a home game, then you have to be a bit more careful. The popular interpretation is that if the game is not held for profit, then it is acceptable. According to section 2C:37-4, a person is guilty of maintaining a gambling resort if he “…accepts or receives money or other property pursuant to an agreement or understanding with any person whereby he participates or will participate in the proceeds of such gambling activity…” You can win money by actually playing but you can’t charge the other players a fee or rake the pot."




You may be a fantastic cook, but you cannot just sell homemade food in New Jersey. Sounds like a great side job, especially if you like cooking, but there are rules here in the Garden State. According to the Institute For Justice, "Many states regulate “cottage food,” meaning food made in a home kitchen for sale. New Jersey cottage food producers may sell goods that are not time- or temperature-controlled for safety (non-TCS)." So you can't sell any food that can expire or spoil, which makes sense. In addition, "New Jersey cottage food producers may sell their goods from their own homes, but not for onsite consumption. New Jersey cottage food producers also may sell their goods at consumers’ homes, farmers’ markets and farm stands. New Jersey cottage food producers may take online orders, but delivery and receipt of cottage foods must occur in person."



This may not shock you, but it is, in fact, illegal to scalp here in New Jersey. According to seon.io"Specifically, there are seven states where scalping is illegal because anyone who is selling or reselling tickets needs a special license (New York, Alabama, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Massachusetts.)"



Do you have a "legal" side job? What do you do to make a little extra money, post your comments below.


Illegal Side Hustles


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