Let's get ready to get spooked Jersey.

The Garden State has a rich paranormal history from the Jersey Devil in the Pine Barrens to the haunted Cranbury Inn Cranbury there's no shortage of spooky spots.

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But did you also know that Jersey has a rich history of UFO sightings?

And by that I mean there was one stretch in the mid-60s where a UFO sighting was documented by hundreds of residents as well as prominent local figures throughout one town in Jersey.

Personally, I believe aliens exist in some way, shape, or form so the thought of a UFO spotting to me at least is kind of an exciting one.

 This Is The Story Of NJ's Most Well Documented UFO Sighting

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According to Only In Your State, the year was 1966.

The location was Wanaque New Jersey, which is in the Northern part of the state, a small mountainous town surrounded by trees.

On January 11th, a call was placed to police about a glowing light in the sky.

The moving light was then seen by the mayor of Wanaque at the time as well as a lot more residents.

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Then, out of nowhere, it disappeared.

A few days later near the Ramapo Mountains, the same glowing object would show up in the sky, again witnessed by residents in town.

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The object showed up a few more times throughout the year and each time was seen hovering lowly in the sky, giving off a dim glow, then seemed to disappear never to be seen again.

Is that enough to make you believe in UFOs? Or are you still going to remain a skeptic?

UFOs aren't the only thing that can make your spine crawl, here are some of Jersey's scariest haunts.

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