We're getting ready to head into one of the busiest weekends at the Jersey Shore, and it's been revealed that at least 5 New Jersey beaches are under warnings for excess bacteria.

It's never something you want to see on the news and the reason for the contamination really stinks.

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Fecal bacteria known as enterococci has been found at alarming levels in the waters of several beaches at the Jersey Shore, which can cause illness to swimmers.

According to APP, side effects of swimming in contaminated fecal water include;

gastroenteritis, vomiting, nausea, stomach cramping, diarrhea, as well as ear, nose and throat infections ~APP


What 5 NJ Beaches Were Issed Water Advisories Due To Contamination?

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Keep in mind that despite these warnings, these beaches have remained open to the public, but the 5 beaches that had contaminated waters are as follows according to APP;

  1. Beachwood's Western Beach which had 130 colony units forming
  2. Long Beach Township's Stockton Avenue bayfront beach had over 650 colony units forming
  3. Ship Bottoms 14th Street Bay Beach had 110 colony units forming
  4. Staffords Jennifer Lane Bay Beach had around 114 colony units
  5. AC's Arkansas Avenue beach had 150 colony units forming.

A warning is usually issued when colonies of fecal bacteria are found which exceed 104 units per 100 milliliters of water.

So the Long Beach Township advisory is pretty alarming seeing how it was at 650 colony units this week.

The water will be tested again on July 3rd, and if the numbers come down the advisory will be lifted, but until then beach with caution.

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