There's nothing quite like freshly made Mexican Food.

At least once a week or so, I "accidentally" forget my lunch so I can sneak over to Taco-Tastic in Toms River and get a California bowl.

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A rice bowl piled high with guacamole, cheese, chicken, and beans.

It's arguably one of the best things I've ever eaten, and if you're a fan of Mexican Food I'd highly recommend giving it a try.

Of course, there are a ton of great places around Jersey to grab Mexican food; Montes Cafe on the Seaside Heights boardwalk is supposed to be great, I've heard it described as tasting like Chipotle, but better.

El Ranchero in Toms River is also a really good spot to go when you get the craving for some real authentic Mexican cuisine.

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But who makes the best Mexican food in Jersey?

It seems like a tough question, but the experts at Love Food set out to determine the best Mexican restaurant in each state.

NJ's Best Mexican Restaurant Is One Of The Best In America

It's a small chain with locations in Jersey City, Hoboken, and Morristown and what really makes this place unique is the artwork that's sprawled across the walls.

According to Love Food, Orale Mexican Kitchen makes the best Mexican food in Jersey.

The food is fresh and delicious from street tacos to more custom creations.

Even their vegan options look delicious!

And what's a visit to Jersey's best Mexican restaurant without a beverage?

When in Rome right? The Margaritas here are second to none.

So, who's hungry?

By the way if Mexican food isn't quite your thing these are all the classic NJ diners that are still open 24/7!

NJ Diners that are open 24/7

Hours as of September 2023.

Gallery Credit: Jordan Jansson, Mike Brant

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