New Jersey’s wacky, in that you can have a near-death experience anytime that you’re on the roads.

We’re so tightly packed and congested in New Jersey that it feels like roadways are always crowded especially during rush hour.

And while that’s all well and good, there is one person on the New Jersey road that I just cannot understand why they do this.

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I know I’m not the only one who’s experienced this you’ve definitely seen it before and had your heart almost beat out of your chest when you heard them flying up next to you.

It’s the person on the motorcycle who decides in the middle of a tightly congested road or traffic to speed up ahead of everybody in between the two lanes between the cars.


I had this happen to me the other day, where I didn’t even realize that the motorcycle was that close to me until all of a sudden he revved his engine right as he got next to me and it looked like he was going to swerve and almost hit my car.

My immediate thought was why? And look I get it on the motorcycle you probably don’t wanna have to stop and put your feet down in the middle of traffic to keep the bike upright. But at the same time, why are you riding a motorcycle in the middle of a highway?

If you are going to do it, though, at least don’t feel the need to give the rest of New Jersey, a heart attack while you ride.

It makes all the other cars and drivers nearby fear for their safety.

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