We have a lot to complain about here in The Garden State. We have some of the highest taxes in the nation, our traffic on the roads seems endless (although it has eased out just a bit post-pandemic), expensive gas tax (long gone are the days of us having among the lowest gas tax in the nation), and so much more.

How about the plastic ban, for example? Not only did this inconvenience so many when it was first implemented, it actually proved not to be as effective as it was set out to be. Imagine that?

Not to be outdone by the plastic bags, here comes the ban on plastic straws. At this rate, why don’t we just ban plastic altogether and call it a day? Wouldn’t that be simpler?

Referring back to the plastic bags for a moment, has anyone else noticed the new problem with it? Yup, all the worn-out reusable bags are being left behind.

Looking forward, who’s ready for the ban on all gas-powered vehicles? Whether we like it or not, New Jersey is on track to completely banning all new gas-powered vehicles by the year 2035.

Although let’s be real, there’s no way the state will be ready for such a change come 2035. In fact, we’re nowhere near ready now when it comes to our aging infrastructure. Hopefully, this never becomes a reality in such a short period of time.

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OK, enough about the negative as that list can go on and on and on. For as ridiculous as some things are, there's also a lot to like about the Great Garden State. Seven lucky things, to be exact (well, at least seven obvious ones).

So let's take a moment to stop complaining about all that's bad, and focus on the things that keep us here in the first place. Not only is New Jersey really a great place to live, it's also a place those who move out of usually end up coming back in some way, shape, or form.

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